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Do you sometimes feel like having someone to go to with all your career or workplace worries or plans ? Will it be helpful to have someone who travels with you as you manage your hear? Will it be great to have someone to guide you as you craft your career? Isn't it important to combine experts advice, personal plans, with necessary tools and competencies to shape your career? If you answer is mostly YES, then HappC is for YOU!


All that you want to know about HappC






It is not only money, HappC saves your time too!

It is true that many of you wish to work on your professional development and don’t mind a small investment; but you are constrained because you cannot spare the time. You cannot take off and attend weekend classes; you cannot take leave and join some courses; you don’t have the luxury of reading too many books and searching for the right sources.  In our interactions with thousands of professionals, we clearly understood the pressure on your time. HappC subscription therefore keeps the process personalized and bite-sized; we believe that small things when done consistently over a period of time will yield better results without consuming too much of your time. Besides, we also offer you the flexibility. You can join live interactions, or catch up later; You can read what we share or ask specific questions that you wish to explore; you can take up courses that we carefully choose or seek our help in searching for one exclusively for you. All this is to save your time and help you focus on your self development!


Happy Career is much more than long lectures and fat books

We worked with thousands of people over the years. While courses, formal qualifications, well-written books and articles immensely helped many, we understood that happy career needs a more comprehensive approach. It needs personal clarity, learning, competency enhancement, application of what we learn and a constant awareness about the happenings around us. That is why we do not treat our HappC offering as a course, it is a process. It combines various tools like self-analysis templates, bite-sized courses, live interactions, personalized clarifications, customized curation of courses for you, on-demand coaching and so on. We also strive to negotiate best prices for you whenever you want to sign up for a course (not necessarily with us)! So, treat HappC Subscription as your companion in your success journey!

How does happc subscription work?

By now you know that HappC is a process and not a course or training program. Once you subs cribe and become a HappC member, you will get access to a range of subscription privileges for 1 year. These privileges include:

  • Access to webinar recordings to watch when your time permits.

  • Option to ask personalized questions related to your career/workplace.

  • On demand career/life/leadership coaching

  • and so on.. 

  • Readily downloadable user manual

  • Simple Templates to get started with your plans

  • Immediate access to online bite-sized learning modules.

  • Invites to webinars with experienced practitioners.

We Do plan, but isn't it hard to sustain action without support?

We do have aspirations and we do have plans. However, often times, many of us experience a huge gap between the cup and lip. Plans remain as plans, almost frustrating us to stop planning. However, we all realize that it is the action and execution of plans that gives us the results. In this process, personal accountability is often the most difficult part. It always helps if you have someone who is traveling with you in your development journey and nudging you gently towards progress. Won’t you be much more joyful if you could successfully achieve what you planned to do? We packed this feature in our HappC Subscription - just to help you to act more and achieve more. Won’t that be a great help - to have someone caring for your progress, while respecting all your personal space?

Staying relevant is most crucial for all in a  dynamic environment.

A simple question: who needs happy career and who needs professional development?; and the obvious answer is: EVERYONE. You may be qualified, experienced, a beginner or a fresher. You may be in a software industry, pharmaceutical industry, engineering, construction, FMCG or any other. Irrespective of your qualification, experience level or industry, in today’s business environment, competency obsolescence is a major threat. Unless one constantly upgrades and stays relevant, it will be a challenge to grow, or perhaps even survive in career. Staying relevant is all about being more aware, getting out of comfort zone, learning about things which are beyond one’s current role, picking up a dynamic business vocabulary, and working on some critical competencies. At times, it might require an additional qualification or certification also. But unlike a course, HappC is a continuous process enabling you on various dimensions. 

you know what is important for you; we know what is important for careers.

It is true that one size doesn’t fit all; at the same, core career skills do not dramatically differ. While there are domain critical competencies (like various software technologies, accounting standards, financial acumen, engineering methods, pharmaceutical sciences and so on), there is also enough research to help us understand the growth-enabling competencies. HappC Subscription readily brings to you a broad based growth-enabling business competencies - strategic thinking, customer-facing skills, stakeholder relationship management, leadership, personal excellence, digital applications, and so on. Of course, if you need any other specific area, we will exclusively research for a good source for you. Holistically, our focus is to help you develop your competencies so that you stay relevant and progress in your career! Our list is always dynamic! 


HappC offers round the year career benefits.

Just ask yourself if you wish to be successful and joyful in your career (can you afford not to be joyful for 60% of your wake up time?). If your answer is YES, rest assured - we packed a range of things that you need to make your career much more joyful! HappC subscription offers you the process, the templates to plan your career, a series of short webinars, answers to your personalized questions, courses, certifications, career/leadership/life coaching, cost-saving discounts and plethora of other benefits throughout the year.


Happc is your eco-system for a happy and successful career.

A happy career cannot be accidental; successful careers are built through planned process and efforts. HappC subscription pack offers you a comprehensive approach to help shape your career. It is true that ultimately what you do on your job on a daily basis culminates into a happy career. Would you mind an eco-system that helps you in this journey? That is where our HappC Service becomes essential for you! HappC is your sounding-board for any career plans, workplace challenges, and professional development. In simple terms HappC is like your go-to buddy! 

HappC” costs you as little as it costs a meal for two.

Take a piece of paper and scribble down your monthly expenses; there are essentials like groceries, fuel, mobile, internet, school fees, rents, medicines, insurance and so on. Then comes the next list - visit to a mall, movies, eating out, food delivery at home, online shopping, gaming & entertainment subscriptions, parties and so on. Consider yourself including another small investment towards your professional development and the likely returns it could offer. We kept the HappC subscription fee as little as it costs you a monthly visit, to a decent restaurant (not even a luxury one!) and have a meal for two! With such a small investment, if you could show an important improvement in your career performance, your investment can pay you back in multiples!

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